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45 Minutes Of Fame

February 26th, 2011


This set was my second submission for the Gay Internet Radio Live DJ Contest.  Enjoy!

1. To Be Able To Love (Varner’s JP Slow to Go Mix) – Jessica Folker  2. Smile (Original Mix) – Ben DJ  3. Need You Now (Hott 22 Big Room Mix) – Lady Antebellum  4. I’ve Had The Time Of My Life (Varner’s Rework Brian Cua Mix) – Glee vs. Black Eyed Peas  5. Born This Way (Liam Keegan Mix) – Lady Gaga  6. Don’t Hold Your Breath (Cahill Mix) – Nicole Scherzinger  7. Disrespectful (Riff & Rays Mix) – Chaka Khan & Mary J. Blige  8. All Night Long – Alexandra Burke (Cahill Mix)  9. The Flood – Cheryl Cole (Cahill Mix)  10. What’s Up (2000 Remix) – DJ Miko

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