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Big Blue Wall

April 30th, 2011


Track Listing for Big Blue Wall:


1. Lose Control (Club Edit) – Phunk & Beat Thrillerz f. Katy Allen  2. Dancing On The Lights (Wendel Kos First Sunlight Mix) – Wendel Kos f. Andrea Holley  3. Fade (Buzz Junkies Get Buzzed Mix) – Kristine W  4. Saturday (Digital Dog Club Mix) – Basshunter  5. Every Little Part Of Me (Steve Smart & West Funk Club Mix) – Alesha Dixon f. Jay Sean  6. Big Blue Wall (Cahill Mix Edit) – Agnes  7. Hush Hush (Cahill Dub to Club Mix) – Alexis Jordan  8. Judas (StopMe Sinner Club Mix) – Lady Gaga  9. Trippin’ (Extended Club Mix) – Andreea Balan  10. Hey (Nah Neh Nah) (Wawa Club Mix) – Milk & Sugar vs. Vaya Con Dios  11. What A Feeling (I’m Still In Love Club Mix) – Alex Gaudino f. Kelly Rowland  12. Heartbreak Down (Funk3d Club Mix) – P!nk  13. Starlight (Club Junkies Mix) – Wonderland  14. That’s The Truth (Club Junkies Mix) – McFly  15. Soul Survivor (Bimbo Jones Mix) – Beverly Knight 


April 15th, 2011

Reflections.jpg I was feeling very nostalgic and reflecting on the height of my clubbing days.  So, I went digging far into my “back stacks” of music to give you a real blast from the past podcast.  Enjoy!

Track Listing for Reflections:


1. Supermodel (You Better Work) (Couture Mix) – RuPaul  2. My Love Is For Real (Hot Tracks Mix) – Paula Abdul  3. Wonderwall (Attitude Mix) – Jackie O  4. Absolutely Fabulous (Hot Tracks Mix) – Pet Shop Boys  5. Rofo’s Theme (Almighty 2004 Mix) – Infinity  6. Constant Craving (Vocal Mix) – Abigail  7. Lovefool (Club Mix) – Fool  8. Maybe (Illicit Mix) – Emma Bunton  9. Ride It (Hex Hector Club Mix) – Geri Halliwell  10. In Your Life (Dezrok Club Mix) – La Bouche f. Melanie Thorton  11. Stronger (Jack D. Elliott Mix) – Britney Spears  12. Breaking All The Rules (Berman Brothers Mix) – She Moves  13. One More Time (Berman Brothers Mix) – Real McCoy 

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